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1.HoME V  

The Fall of Númenor 这章里第一次提到关于吉尔加拉德

and Elendil made a league with Gil-galad the Elf-king who was descended from Fëanor.

同时在这一章的注释里提到了一个更改,and  Gil-galad  son  of  Felagund  son of Finrod  was  their  king. 



This  is  where the  story of  Isildur  began;  but  now  the  Elf  (later  to  become Isildur  the Numenorean)  has  it  from  Gil-galad,  who  took  it from  the Dark  Lord

but  ere he  fell Gilgalad  cut the One Ring from the hand finger  of Sauron,  and gave  it to  Ithildor that  stood by,  but Ithildor  took  it  for  his  own.埃隆心情更sun doge了有没有)


that  the  Ring  was  'taken  from  the  Lord himself  when  Gilgalad  wrestled  with him,  and taken  by a  flying Elf.(。)


The lord was Gilgalad (son of [struck out: Fin...] Inglor?). Many of his people were Gnomes;(虽然没有意外不过这里顺便提了一下林顿的精口构成,谢谢托老)


The  name  of Gil-galad's  father as first written cannot be interpreted; the fourth letter seems to be  an r,  but the name is  certainly not  Finrod. Inglor,  though here  marked with a query, agrees with (III), which has  Felagund; in the texts that  I have called (I) above he was a descendant of Feanor.


3.HoME XI  

THE GREY ANNALS这章里第一次出现了宝钻采用的Fingon之子的版本,同时提到了星星的另一个名字:

Then in  great sorrow  Fingon took  the lordship  of the house  of  Fingolfin  and   the  kingdom   of  the   Noldor.  [Late pencilled addition: But his young son (?Findor)  [sic]  Gilgalad he  sent to the Havens.]   


But fearing now  that all  strong places  were doomed  to fall  at last before  the  might  of  Morgoth,  he  sent  away  his  wife Meril  to her own folk in Eglorest, and  with her  went their  son, yet  an elvenchild, and Gilgalad Starlight he was called for the brightness of his eye. (芬美人您也是蛮拼的,小心Amarië揍您哦


Felagund's wife Meril has not been named  before, nor  any child  of his; and  this  is  the first  appearance of  Gil-galad from The Lord  of the Rings.

同时提到了后期的一个更改:But  foreseeing  evil  he  commanded  Orodreth  to  send  away  his son Gilgalad, and wife.(小O我们终于见到你了)

在The Tale of Years in the Latter Ages的年表里小托又为我们带来了一个爆炸性新(ba)闻(gua)

for Celeborn had to wife the Lady Galadriel of the  Noldor, sister of Gil-galad [> sister of Felagund Gil-galad's sire].


For she  was the daughter  of  Felagund  the Fair  and the  elder sister  of Gil-galad,  though  seldom  had  they  met,  for  ere  Nargothrond  was   made  or Felagund  was  driven  from  Dorthonion,  she  passed  east  over  the mountains  and  forsook  Beleriand,  and  first  of  all   the  Noldor came  to  the  inner  lands;   and too  late she  heard the  summons of Fionwe.'  

然而最后:In  the  Annals  of  Aman  and  the  Grey Annals  she had become, as she remained, the sister of Felagund



在the Shibboleth of Fëanor里,关于Orodreth的词条中表示:

Orodreth’s children were Finduilas and Artanáro = Rodnor later called Gil-galad. (Their mother was a Sindarin lady of the NorthShe called her son Gil-galad.) Rodnor Gil-galad escaped and eventually came to Sirion’s Mouth and was King of the Noldor there.

so why你不带你姐姐一起跑(。)

于是具体关于The parentage of Gil-galad其实微博上看到过翻译,其中个人认为值得一提的一个八卦是关于在UT里星星给梅兰迪尔写信时的自称,小托先生表示:

I  should  mention  also  that  in  the   published  text   of  Aldarion and Erendis (Unfinished Tales  p. 199)  the letter  of Gil-galad  to Tar- Meneldur  opens  'Ereinion  Gil-galad  son of  Fingon', but  the original has 'Finellach Gil-galad of the House of  Finarfin' (where  Finellach was  changed  from  Finhenlach,  and  that  from  Finlachen). 


in the  text of  A Description of  the  Island  of  Numenor ,I  printed 'King  Gil-galad of  Lindon' where  the original  has 'King  Finellach Gil-galad of  Lindon'. I  retained  however the  words 'his  kinswoman Galadriel', since Fingon and Galadriel were first  cousins. 



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